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Wholesale Cake


Wholesale Cake Carts

Wholesale Cake carts are superior thc cartridges from cake carts labs, unadulterated delta 9 distillates, Full fired cartridges, No metals for sure so ever, and remaining solvents and quality you can depend on.

They come in 1G, fixed, and have a readable standardized identification for confirmation. Lab tried to guarantee security, No pesticides, No dyes, and No dirt made 100 percent from outright unadulterated delta 9 distillate.
we are extremely energetic about our items, we empty our hearts into them and we comprehend that the customer ought to continuously be first.
Our items contain natural terpenes and won’t ever contain PG and other cruel synthetic compounds.
You can arrange wholesale decisions from us today.

Cake carts 1G Flavors

Alien Candy | Apple Fritters | Blue dream | Blueberry | Boo Berry | Cookies n Cream | Snowflake | Purple Punch | Unicorn Cake Carts | Forbidden Fruits | Gushers | Hawaiian Passion | Honey Buns | Jack Herer | Jedi Juice | Lava Cake | Lemon Drizzle | Mango Kush | Mimosa | Mind Warp | Mochi Cakes | Rossin Head | Runtz | Slurricane | Snow Angel | Space Cake | Stardust Cake | Sugar Cookies | Trap Queen | Vanilla Cake | Zushilato | Pixie Dust


Cake Cart labs verification

  • Scan the QR code at the back of the carts
  • scratch to reveal the code
  • head to for verification
  • Enjoy

25 Mixed Flavors, 50 Mixed Flavors, 100 Mixed Flavors, 150 Mixed Flavors, 200 Mixed Flavors, 250 Mixed Flavors, 300 Mixed Flavors


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