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Honey buns cake carts | One Hundred

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Honey bun cake carts

Honey bun cake carts are a sweet treat. With this cartridge box, you may prepare for the dreary winter evenings ahead!
Honey Buns is a delicious hybrid (50 percent Indica, 50 percent Sativa) created by crossing the Gelatti and Honey B strains.

Honey Bun is named after the popular traditional delicacy because of its wonderful and exquisite flavors. When you smoke this strain, you will get a short pleasant, and uplifting high.

This honey bun kit comes with 100 cannabis cartridges and is comprised of cannabis oil. This dosage is ideal for those who just want to smoke one flavor. Honey Bun’s creamy and sweet taste profile is reminiscent of a honey-glazed doughnut, and you’ll want more.

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